Meridian Consulting


Who we are?

Meridian Consulting is a global IT consulting service provider that focuses on delivering high value through reliable, integrated, responsive, and cost-effective solutions. From small and medium to large companies, we have offered our expertise to enable businesses in overcoming IT-related business challenges.
With our cutting edge services, clients are offered dynamic, resilient, and scalable options to ensure rapid growth. We integrate emerging technologies to offer solutions for complex IT projects.


Planning and Analysis

Projects are planned according to the client requirements followed by analysis to create detailed business requirement documents and seek approval from the clients.


Design and Development

Our team of business analysts works with entrepreneurial architects to design plans leading to the development process.


Quality Assurance and Maintenance

Before delivering any project, the overall quality control and quality assurance are double-checked. A maintenance plan is also devised to ensure constant customer interaction even after the products are delivered.