Meridian Consulting


Meridian Consulting is a trusted Microsoft Azure partner that offers stable applications and streamline processes at optimized costs to increase productivity in businesses. From project planning, strategizing, and development to offering maintenance and support; our team of experts provides infrastructure management in the Azure cloud environment.
Microsoft Azure is well-suited for IT and non-IT mission-critical processes as IaaS or PaaS services. Most of the SaaS application providers use the Azure environment for easy implementation, scalability, and integration with big data. We offer you complete integration of current and future Azure-related services while facilitating application and monitoring services.

Azure Migration

Using leading-edge tools, our team of experts ensure that the migration of your applications, on-premises data, and infrastructure to Microsoft Azure with minimal disruption. We offer guidance throughout the migration process and use end-to-end progress tracking service so that nothing is left behind. Feature based grouping is done for the standard phases of migration and Microsoft tools are chosen accordingly to make the entire process cost-effective.

Azure Storage

Microsoft Azure Storage is a scalable solution for complex storage scenarios that come with cloud adoption. It is a highly durable and available service that keeps data stored and secured using various services like Azure Blob, Files, Disks, Tables, and Queues. The platform offers increased business agility with cost-effective solutions. The centralisation of data speeds up the overall IT operations.

Azure Security

Meridian Consulting understands the importance of security to strengthen business processes and offers a multi layered cloud security platform offered by Microsoft Azure. This platform comes with added protective layers to safeguard data against security threats and hard data against any security threats and hardware problems. It helps in reducing complexity and simplifying security with the inbuilt controls.