Meridian Consulting

CyberSecurity Services

Meridian Consulting offers a variety of services ranging from information security consulting to assessing and testing applications and networks for companies operating in various industries. Using top-notch tools and technologies, we help you in securing digital assets to meet the growing demands of the threat landscape.
Businesses are offered unmatched services in security assessment and planning, application security, and network protection. From providing information security consulting to offering assistance in mobile device management and application management, you are offered a variety of cybersecurity services. We also ensure your constant compliance with regulations and standards like HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, etc.

Cloud Security

Meridian Consulting is well equipped with the necessary experience required to tune special security components for security management and threat protection across various cloud workloads. We offer constant and efficient monitoring of the security of all cloud applications along with the analysis of event logs from the cloud solutions. Necessary security policies are applied to meet the required security standards.

Web Application Security

Our team of experts ensure proper protection of all web services including websites and applications. Carrying out vulnerability tests to check the proper encryption and ensuring that security measures are applied, your web application security is our priority. Valuable recommendations are provided to the customers after the evaluation results to improve the protection level of web solutions.

Mobile Device Management and Application Management

Appropriate device management policies and control measures are implemented to install new mobile applications and ensure the compliance of corporate and personal devices to internal security policies. Corporate Information sharing can be controlled by keeping a check on apps and mobile devices being used.