Meridian Consulting

Data Management

Data Management Services uses data collected by companies to get actionable insights out of it. This includes ingesting, storing, organising and using data securely and efficiently. Data management practice at Meridian Consulting helps organisations in managing data and creating accurate reports, alerts, and dashboards to satisfy reporting needs of regulatory compliance reporting.

Data Governance and Quality Management

Our expertise in data management practices offers strategic governance designs and formulates policies for user roles, responsibilities, and rights. Taking care of data related standards and metrics, we offer data quality assurance. Various data cleansing activities are carried out to eliminate incomplete, obsolete, or duplicate data.

Data Integration and Migration

Our team offers assistance in integrating data into a centralised data storage by extracting, transforming, loading setup, and ETL automation. Data warehouse and data lakes are created using business intelligence and big data solution architecture. After critical and sensitive data assessment, data migration plans are constructed for migration automation. Data completeness is tested after the migration process.

Data Security and Architecture Audit

Various data risk assessments are carried out to create security policies and standards. In order to improve data security, we use technology stack selection to prioritize data. We also ensure data architecture audits through the data warehouse and BI health checks to monitor security and performance.

Data Management Software Implementation and Data Management as a Service

Data Management Technology stack is outlined and data management software is integrated into the existing data environment. Data Management as a Service also referred to as DMaaS offers ready-to-use data management infrastructure and data backup.