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Cloud Management: Trends To Keep Up in 2020

In the last few years, cloud management has experienced a revolution of its own. Every third company is adopting cloud environments for their compliance, security, and efficiency. Here is a list of Trans you can adopt in 2020 to change the landscape of cloud management. Security Management Cloud management prioritizes security over ...

Azure Storage: Features and Services

Microsoft Azure is one of the top cloud service providers in the IT industry. With the introduction of new approaches in the cloud, it is important to pay attention to services like storage to benefit most. When it comes to storage, Microsoft Azure serves as the ideal cloud storage solution ...

AWS Security Services To Consider

With an increase in cloud adoption, the concerns about security have increased too as organizations are facing severe threats from hackers. It is important to protect data against theft or security breaches and overcome challenges like data privacy, non-authentication, integrity, and online attacks like phishing, DDoS, SQL Injection, etc. Keeping all ...
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