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AWS Security Services To Consider

With an increase in cloud adoption, the concerns about security have increased too as organizations are facing severe threats from hackers. It is important to protect data against theft or security breaches and overcome challenges like data privacy, non-authentication, integrity, and online attacks like phishing, DDoS, SQL Injection, etc.
Keeping all these challenges in mind, we bring to you prominent AWS Security Services to consider for your data protection:


AWS Web Application Firewall helps in monitoring web requests forwarded to Application Load Balancer, CloudFront, or Amazon API Gateway. The web requests can be allowed or blocked as per rules and conditions with the help of AWS WAF which sits about Cloudfront or ALB. If you are looking for a service to block web requests, WAF toys for you as it also works within rules and conditions formulated by you.
For instance, AWS WAF can be used to serve content for the public request and block requests from attackers at the same time. The same IPs continuously hitting the website with multiple web requests can be blocked using WAF. The feature also allows you to count requests matching the properties specified by you. The web requests based on new properties can be allowed and blocked using this firewall along with avoiding accidental blocking of traffic to the website.

AWS Shield

AWS Shield is a managed Distributed Denial of Service protection service offered by Amazon Web Services. It helps in safeguarding applications running on AWS using standard at advanced tiers. The standard service can be used with no additional cost which provides defense against the most common DDoS attacks. It is an appropriate choice if you are looking for full control over monitoring and mitigating layer 7 attacks. AWS Shield Advanced service is more preferred for DDoS attacks and mitigation responsibilities for layer 3 and layer 4.

AWS Inspector

The automated security assessment service offered by AWS to make security and compliance of applications deployed better is the AWS Inspector. It automatically assessors applications not just for vulnerabilities but also for deviations for best practices and offers a list of security issues. The assessment is done on each EC2 instance so that the best practices for security can be verified. Since it is a tag-based and agent-based security assessment service, the template looks for EC2 instances with specific tags so that the assessment targets can be identified.
Being an intrusion detection system used for detecting vulnerabilities, AWS Inspector offers the assessment report on how valuable the application is. If you suspect any memory leakage, the same can be identified using the service along with the cause behind no encryption found when data is in transit.

AWS Key Management Service

As the name suggests, AWS Key Management Service is used to create and manage keys to control encryption usage across applications. It is integrated with other services to simplify key usage to encrypt data across AWS workloads. It is a fully managed service that utilizes symmetric encryption for securing data which means the same key is used for encryption as well as decryption of data.

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